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My name is Felix Kersten, I am  28 years old and snowkiten is my great passion.

I am frequently asked how I came to do snowkiting, or what snowkiting actually is.

Well, you probably know kitesurfing ( on the water). On snow it is very similar, you just use skis or snowboard instead of the kiteboard. I mostly practise my sport in Switzerland on frozen lakes or in the mountains.

Since I was a young boy I am fascinated by skiing and especially by freeriding. In 2011 I bought my first kite just to test and have fun and I was hooked right away. Initially I was also kiting on a mountainboard near my hometown, but I quickly noticed that it makes much more fun on snow. Nowadays, I mostly train on skis in the Alps. Sometimes you have the whole day untouched powder, you can ride up a mountain in minutes or fly down from it again even faster. These feelings are hard to beat!
In 2012 I had my first race, the German National Championship. Without any experience and any practice I finished the race at the third place. Now I was hooked not only to snowkiting but competing in it, too. So, this event became the start of my participation in international races. The last three years were very successful for me and I hope that I can continue the next years competing at the highest level. Now I am looking forward to the upcoming snow season with hopefully good snow conditions in the mountains



As the last season was very successfull for me, my plan is to continue on this high level next season. During summer I will train my skills on the water with hydrofoiling. The free time I will use to improve my equipment for next season . This year my focus is on the boots and ski. Together with Heierling-Skiboots and Kesslerski we already tested some prototypes for next season and it looks promising to get gear which is more comfortable and faster :-)

Fastest Kiter /Speedrecord

In Norway I did one day after Ragnork 2017 a Speedrecord by Kite and Ski.

I reached 150km/h for a second and 142km/h over 5 sec.

So far there is noone  who went faster on snow, water or by buggy.


Snowkiting in Norway 2016

A perfect day in the swiss alps


Results in Snowkiting

  • Winner of Redbull Ragnarok
  • World Champion  of GPS Formula by IKA
  • World Champion longdistance and course race by Wissa
  • Second at IKA Worldcup Overall (5 stops)
  • Second at European Champion in long distance


  • Winner of IKA World Cup overall (4stops)
  • Second at Redbull Ragnarok

  • Second at European Championship in longdistance and Course

  • Winner of Swiss Snowkitetour


  • Winner of Redbull Ragnarok 2015 and 2017
  • Third at Redbull Ragnarok 2014 and 2016
  • World Champion in GPS Formula 2016 and by IFKO in 2017
  • World Champion in speed and long distance by Wissa
  • European Champion in long distance
  • Podium places at the German- and European-Championship and Swiss Snowkitetour




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